Difference between Lure and Bait

Fishing is an outdoor activity that involves catching fishes. You can do fishing from any water body around you. There are different techniques of fishing, but lures and bait are the most commonly used. Bait is throwing anything into the water to entice a fish. Natural bait is whereby you use natural food to trap the fish while the lure is when you use the artificial bait.

For natural bait, you can use most of the foodstuff found in your kitchen such as sausage, small fish, etc. or attach warms on your hook to attract fish. This method is more effective as they have both the odor and the color to charm fish. Artificial bait uses colorful plastics that resemble fish foods to trap the fish into the rod.

There are objects that you can use as an artificial bait. Some of them include; spoons, flies, crankbait, etc. Learn first where the fish hide in any water body to catch them. You can use lures and bait but be aware of which type of fishes are attracted more by each technique. Note that there are species that you can catch using the baiting technique but not lure, and vice versa. Bait can only last for a short while since it involves living creatures, while lure you can use them for a lifetime.